Compression sprayer Dea

Compression sprayer  Dea

Compression sprayer Dea

• Total tank capacity 2 lt
• Operating capacity 1.8 lt
• HD Polyethylene tank
• Pressure 2 bar
• Ergonomic handle
• Assorted colours
• NBR gaskets• Steerable brass nozzle can be aimed in any direction
• Pressure discharge valve
• Net weight 0.46kg approx.
• Suitable for spraying plants and for household uses

More info

Volpi offers the best of  Made in Italy to sell its compression sprayer for gardening like DEA 2000 with 2LT tank.

DEA 2000 is the compression sprayers suitable for gardening activities and for plant care. Thanks to its special adjustable brass nozzle you can position it in different positions and can spray perfectly without dripping, specific products for plant care.

The total capacity of the opaque tank in PEHD is of 2 Liters, pression 2 bar, complete of discharge pressure valve and adjustable nozzle.